How can I contact Newform Ufficio?

Contact Newform Ufficio through https://www.newformufficio.it/en/section/8/contatti/

How can I contact other division of Aran World?






How can i subscribe / unsubscribe Newform Ufficio newsletter?

Subscribe / Unsubscribe

How can I view the sales support material?

Many contents are freely available in the free part of Download section of website, or go to “How can I view classified documents?” FAQ

How can I view classified documents?

If you already are a registered user If you are a registered user > Login

If you already are a Aran World S.r.L.U., but you haven’t got password  If you’re a client that needs the password

If you are a new user, register yourself in contacts section http://areariservata.aranworld.it/riservata/registrazione.php?divisione=3 in the form related to your category user. After the check and the approving of your registration, you will get username and password to log-in members area.

I signed up to members area, but I lost password: how can I recover the password or make a new one?

Se hai smarrito la password Ricorda password 

Where do i find specific information about product?

Inside the pages about specific collections there are dedicated information both online available and downloadable. Other information are available in the Member Area of website Download section. In case of these informations disagree with your needs contact us.

How are lead times of your product?

Our production lead time is communicated by our commercial department. For more information to consult art. 9 of “General Terms of Sale”

How are the terms for a possible change of the products?

The terms for a possible change are only agreed with commercial department

What is the guarantee for your products?

For the guarantee and all the other terms of sale consult the “General Terms of Sale” section of price lists.

Is it allowed to make custom furnishings?

The offer of Newform Ufficio product is very broad, however, if your necessities should be different from the price list, our commercial department will be on your call to consider the production of custom products.

Do you also deliver teh goods? In case you do, do you also uload them at destination?

Depending on markets of destination and customers’ requests we transport directly or indirectly our goods to cut back the transportation costs can agree with our commercial department on the kind of transportation suitable to your needs.

What is it necessary to do when there are some assembly problems?

If you don’t find the assembly scheme inside the packages, you can download it from the Download section of the members area. If you can’t assembly it contact Commercial Department. 

If there a graphic design and estimate software in the Newform Ufficio offer?

Yes, it is pCon.planner.

What are the hardware requirements?


How can I install it?

Download the free software:


and then subscribe to log into the Newform Ufficio price lists.

Is it the software free? Can I use it free?

pCon.planner is composed of a free version without our product. You can find dour products in ME version, which our customers, on request, are allowed to log in, through a link. Our customers, can also buy a version with further function, called pCon.planner PRO, bought from Easterngraphics, which has the software copyright. By using ME version you can nevertheless create layouts and estimates.

Are the upgrades automatic?

The software will update when you first log in after the upgrade only if at first installation you have selected the automatical and periodical upgrade through the patch Pcon.update DataClient Pro present in pCon.planner

Is it possible to import Autocad plans?

Yes, only in .dwg extension

Are the software prices the same as digital and paper price lists?

Yes, they are

Is it possible to design custom products?

Not directly, it is necessery contact Commercial Department

Is it possible to insert different companies products in a project?

Yes it is if you log in before the start of work session to obtain the access to price lists of the products you need.