Which company is Newform Ufficio part of?

Newform Ufficio is a Aran World division, the Italian export leader, and one of the best Italian companies for design, production and distribution of kitchens, office furniture and wardrobes

Solid reality and active for over 50 years, Aran World represents the Italian taste and quality in furnishings for more than 120 countries around the World.

Why cooperate with Newform Ufficio?

Aran World combines many years of experience, derived for more than 50 years of presence on international markets, with a company ethics geared toward the creation of a “Life partnership” process.

What does “Life partnership” mean?

To produce with our customer and the whole sector a compact block, able to fluctuate with delicate equilibrium among guidelines, projecting phase and market’s contractions to get a solid union characterized by strong motivations, commercial approach and remarkable value proposition.

Why choose us as key partner?

For all this reasons. 

Is the company certified?

Yes, the company is certified. Aran World focuses its company policy on compliance of the laws and international standards, which decided to accede certifying the quality management system of quality, of workers health and safety and of ambient / the quality, workers health and safety and ambient management system

The creation of good products couldn’t disregard strong company ethic. For more information, visit:

Why did Newform Ufficio divide its products offer in different styles?

The logic, with which our collections were cataloged in styles, is to allow users to navigate inside our offer in more immediate way: in products selection we believe it’s useful to get an idea without being forced to see all collections, however, made more recognizable by the association for aesthetic uniformity.

How can Newform Ufficio support me? 

Newform Ufficio will support you through its agencies, sales manager, its commercial, technical, logistic and marketing department in all phases pre and after-sale.

If required Newform Ufficio can design your show-room, with regard to our brand products area.

Newsletter, dedicated catalogues, flyers, summaries, price lists and finish samples are on your call/at your disposal.